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Glen Ellyn 4th of July 2019 Parade Entry Form

Deadline for applications is June 1st of every year
Regatta & Picnic
Parade & Fireworks
Donations & Seating
Map & Parking
Grand Marshal
Press Releases
Parade Entry
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Fourth of July in   
Glen Ellyn
Organization Name
Contact Name
Please let us know if you are coming from, or going to another event
Cell Phone
Mailing Zip Code
Mailing State
Mailing City
Mailing Street
Start Time of other Event
APPROXIMATE LENGTH OF PARADE UNIT, including marchers, tow vehicle and attached structure/float
Length (Max 15 ft)
Total Walkers/Marchers (Max 12)    
Total Vehicle Passengers
City/State of other event
The Glen Ellyn 4th of July team is made up entirely of volunteers committed to planning and supporting memorable Independence Day activities for the enjoyment of the community of Glen Ellyn. 

"Groups Of Influence" are groups whose participation in the parade is to promote a message, cause or agenda.  "Groups of Influence" must pay an entry fee of $150 and limit to 12 people per entry.  All decisions of the Committee are final.  Violation of the rules below will result in not being accepted into future parades.

If your application has been accepted, your placement in the Parade and other parade information will be emailed to you in June, at the address you submit below.  Questions may be emailed to
Statement of Parade Policies

​1. One parade unit is permitted per organization. A "unit"is defined as one vehicle, one float, or one marching group, etc.
2. Requests made by any Glen Ellyn 4th of July Parade representatives must be acknowledged and observed by parade participants.
3. Parade units need to maintain a reasonably limited amount of space behind the unit in from of them to keep the parade moving smoothly along the route.
4. Parade units need to be vigilant about keeping everyone around them safe.
5. No super soakers, or any type of water guns are to be used by parade participants. If these are used, they may be confiscated.
6. Nothing is to be thrown from the parade units to observers, not may items be handed from moving vehicles. Any items (candy, balloons, etc.) to be distributed must be handed to observers by walkers at curbside.
7. No leaflets, flyers, or any other paper/paperboard items are to be distributed to observers
8. Solicitation of funds for private organizations is not allowed.
9. Selling of items by parade participants along the parade route is not allowed.
10. Pet entries must have their own clean up equipment.
11. For Groups of Influence, the number of participants is limited to 12 walkers and 1 car per entry.
12. Units representing Groups of Influence are REQUIRED to submit a $150.00 entry fee with this form.  Payment can be made through the PayPal link at the bottom of this form, or mailed to this address:  

Mail Check to: Glen Ellyn 4th of July Committee, 
Parade Committee
PO Box 182
Glen Ellyn, IL 60138


Official application form and payment must be received by June 1st of every year. Applications will not be accepted after deadline.

Insurance Liability Notice

The Glen Ellyn 4th of July Committee insurance DOES NOT COVER PARADE PARTICIPANTS. Participants are expected to carry insurance adequate to cover any liability for damage, injury, economic loss or other liability which may be incurred by individuals and/or organizations during the 4th of July celebration. Contact your insurance agent, your legal advisor, and/or other competent risk management professional for advice if you have any question about the adequacy of your individual or organization's insurance coverage and liability.

Waiver and Indemnity Agreement

In consideration of the approval by the Glen Ellyn 4th of July Committee of the undersigned's application to be an authorized participant (either volunteer or paid) in the public celebrations and festivities to be held, July 4, 2019, on or in various public streets, parts, and other property owned and/or controlled by the City of Glen Ellyn, IL, the undersigned does here by elect to participate in the said activities and the preparations therefore, and recognizes and voluntarily assumes any and all risks attendant to being present as a spectator, entertainer and/or participant in all such activities, including public parades, picnics, the sale and consumption of concession stand refreshments, and the vehicular and pedestrian traffic and crowds of persons likely to attend such outdoor and/or indoor public entertainment, celebration and recreational activities, and recognizing such risks and also recognizing that the said celebration is a civic endeavor organized by unpaid volunteers who donate their time and efforts as a public service to the residents of Glen Ellyn; therefore, the undersigned (both individually and on behalf of the members of the group or organization for which this waiver and indemnity is executed) does hereby waive any and all claims or causes of action of every kind of nature that may now or hereafter exist or arise in favor of the undersigned (or any member of the undersigned's group or organization) against the Glen Ellyn 4th of July Committee, its officers, directors, and/or members, that result or in any manner are connected with the undersigned's participation in (including all time spent in preparation for) the aforesaid celebration and festivities, and the undersigned (including a group or organization, as aforesaid) does hereby agree to hold the said association, its officers, directors and/or members harmless, and to indemnity and hold harmless and defend them from and against any and all suits, demands, or claims and all costs, losses, liabilities, settlements (whether voluntary or otherwise) and judgements incurred in connection therewith, including attorney's fees and court costs, including without limitation all claims, demands and suits for damages or injuries, including death, to any and all persons or property, whether real or asserted and whether arising in equity, at common law, or by statute, or under the law of contracts, torts (including without limitation, negligence and strict liability without regard to fault) or property, of every kind of character, and whether or not due in whole or in part to lessor's sole or concurrent negligence or other fault, breach of contract or warranty, violation of statute, or strict liability without regard to fault, based upon, in connection with, resulting from or arising out of the undersigned's voluntary or paid participation in (including all time spent in preparation for) the said civic celebration.

Submission of Application By Official Organization Representative

Submission of this entry form signifies that you understand and accept the policies stated above.  All boxes MUST be checked and confirmed.  Deadline for parade entry submission is June 1st of every year.  

You may need to return to this page to submit the application or payment if the page does not re-direct you back here to finish the process.

                         Units representing Groups of Influence are REQUIRED to submit a $150.00 entry fee.  

Coming FromGoing To
I am the official respresentative of the organization above.
On behalf of the organization I acknowledge our responsibilities as set out in the Insurance Liability Notice.
I accept on behalf of the organization all the conditions of the Waiver and Indemnity Agreement and have notified each participant.
Yes--Live MusicYes--Recorded MusicNo Music
FloatMarching Unit (max 12)Car/Vehicle(s) (max 1)Marchers and Vehicle/FloatOther
I have read, understand and will abide the above policies. This box MUST be checked for submission.